Here you can read some of the poems I have written over the years.
I use imagery as a poetic device in most of my poems and I don't often use rhyme as I find it restricts how easily I can write.
All poems Copyright © Luke Cowie 2020.

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- = = o = = -

The Lake of Gold
January 2017
By Luke Cowie

I see two birds flying in the distance
Above a lake of gold
The sun sets, casting an orange glow to the sky
The night awakens.

As twilight emerges, the crickets chirp
Frogs all around the lake burst into song.
Howler monkeys in the treetops boom out their call,
And stingrays splash about at the waters edge.

All this comes and goes on the golden lake
And when the two birds return,
The season of plenty begins again.

- = = o = = -

A Heavenly Dream
December 2017 or thereabouts
By Luke Cowie

Plumes of colour flowing wildly in the winds...
Diamonds shimmer, falling endlessly...
Light shatters, new colours arise,
Atmosphere of total peace,
Path to divine revealed,
Meeting with clouds,
Becoming space,

- = = o = = -

In Tuscany
June 2018
By Luke Cowie

In Tuscany,
The hills speak many stories.

In Tuscany,
A single piece of straw
Mysteries untold.

In Tuscany,
Simplicity is carved into the landscape,
The crickets call out in grand unison and the evenings are hazy,
The tall tree shadows stretch out over the horizon.

In Tuscany,
A man is sipping an afternoon coffee.
The table in front of him holds only a newspaper
And a glass of water.
He is alone.

Something about the cool breeze
Stirring up the pine scent from the nearby street
Calls him,
Begs for him to wander
But he is waiting
For someone, for something.

In Tuscany,
Cobblestones and archways
Grand spires and balconies
All tell stories of their own.
And the people that wander
Amongst alleyways and cathedrals
Know a kind of magic long forgotten.

In Tuscany,
Down by the cafe,
The man, once alone, is joined by a cat.
They walk away into the sunset,
Their secrets, just like those of the streetgoers,
Shrowded, concealed in sweet anonymity.
Towards the fields,
Towards freedom.

In Tuscany,
Down by the wheat stacks,
A house can be seen on the hill.
The man and the cat make their way
Up the gravel road
The cat meows with joy,
Chasing small butterflies along the path.
Tall pine trees in unison,
Leading up to the stability and warmth of the home.

In Tuscany,
The sun disappears behind flowing hills.
The man and the cat return
Through the door and into the living room
Safe in their warm home, they both return to the large couch.
The cat purrs while the man learns Italian.
On the front windowsill,
The man sees a note stuck under a flowerpot.
He goes over to the window, pulls it up and reads the letter...
It says, "Your cat is cute ;)"

- = = o = = -

The Magic Doorway
February 2019
By Luke Cowie

Step through the magic doorway
A land of rolling sand dunes
Awaits you on the other side

Do not be afraid
You will not be alone
As you step through the doorway
You meet with a merchant caravan
Who move towards Egypt in the distance

Riding on camels
Wearing red and gold colours
They are of the highest nobility
And when you meet their eye,
They see you as a gift from the Gods

You do not speak their language
But your glowing smile says it all
They welcome you so graciously on their journey
And so you travel with them

Walking over the hot afternoon sands is hard work
Your new friends notice this immediately,
So they order a camel to be brought over to you
They help you up onto its back,
And now you have the perfect view
Of Egypt, the Pyramids, and the sunset beyond

One of your new friends holds a curious arcane device to the sky
He is dressed in purple robes and carries a staff with him
The top of the staff has a large topaz gem inserted into it
He seems to be a mystic of sorts
You wonder what he could possibly be measuring with that device...

You travel with your new friends for what seems like hours
No need for words, the soul speaks for itself
But finally, there comes a time when your paths must part again
So you alight from your obedient camel
And you say your goodbyes by bowing your head to your new friends
They all smile at you, but one of them approaches you with a bag
The bag opens and you see a multitude
Of the finest quality coffee beans inside

He motions towards you, as if to say, "They're yours!"
You bow graciously and smile with joy

Going your separate ways, you walk down the next sand dune
But as your eyes peer over the edge, you see something gleaming down below
It's another magic doorway!
Maybe this one will take me back home, you think.

So you run down the sand dune towards the magic doorway
And when you meet face-to-face with it, you stop and glance inside
Sure enough, you can see your own garden inside the door

But what about this bag of coffee beans? You think
I can't just leave it here...
Well, I guess I'll just have to take it with me...
So you do,
And as you step through the magic doorway,
You wonder if this is the last magical experience you will ever have...

Back in your garden,
It's night time and the crickets are chirping
I guess I'll just... bring these coffee beans into the house? You think
I'll just check they're all still in the bag...
But as you open the bag you notice something else...
There's no coffee beans in here at all!

Instead, there's just a single arcane device,
That might be used for measuring the skies...

- = = o = = -

This Restless Soul
March 2019
By Luke Cowie

Twisting and shaking
This soul is tired
Of the common and the everyday
He wants to escape
This restless soul

Over the sea
Under the bridge
Through the jungle
Up into the heavens

This soul wants to wander
No anchor can hold him down
No cage can contain him
He wants to be free
This restless soul

This soul wants to know magic
He shoots for the stars
He wants to get lost in mystery
He wants truth, he wants love
He wants an endless voyage
This contented soul

This soul has a magic carpet
And the sky is his for the taking...

Wind flows through his hair
He laughs with joy
He is restless no longer...
His journey has just begun

On the other side of the world,
A restless girl finds an unusual bright red carpet in her living room...

- = = o = = -

Angel painting above created by Leanne Cowie
Poem narrated by Luke Cowie and Leanne Cowie
Click the Play button above to listen to a voiceover of this poem.
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A Silent Prayer
December 2018
By Luke Cowie

Walking through fields of blue
The sky bursts and glows
A road leads to the edge
A silent prayer I hold dearly

Twisting flies the eagle
A spark of energy
A burst of life

Beyond the edge
A distant silence
Lead me there and see
Where our wings will carry us

The angels and the blackbirds
The saints and the merchants
Which is imagination and which is real?
In my mind we are all here
Striving for the best Universe

Orange and crimson splashes on the horizon
A swift brushstroke and boundaries disappear
A world within our reach
Take my hand and you will know

The clock tower rings twice
The oak tree on the hill
A silent prayer
A witness to the setting sun
Twilight descends like a purple shrowd

Keep walking
Move through the cobblestone alleyways
Under the arches of ancient design
Move your fingers over wooden doors
Flowers above
Magic within

In the eyes of the angels
In the call of the eagle
In the clang of the cowbell
In the meow of a cat
In the rustle of leaves
In the sparkle of windchimes
In the laughter of children
A feeling is always bursting out
An excitement, a joyful experience

Where are the flowers? The child wonders
Suddenly they burst all around him
He dances in playful happiness

Where is my lover? The sorrowful wife asks
He appears, bearing gifts of the deep
She cries and runs to his side

Where are the kind ones? The artist wonders
He walks outside and meets his new best friends
He laughs and shakes hands

Where are my customers? The lonely storekeeper asks
Suddenly a throng of excited people are throwing money his way
He smiles widely as he makes transactions

The Lord gives all this and more
Seek not for the thrill of worldly desires
But for the magic of the ethereal
The magic of miracles

- = = o = = -

More poems to come later!

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