Luke Cowie

Artist | Photographer | Storyteller

Background photo features a Crow Butterfly
and was taken in Noosa, Queensland.
Photo Copyright © Luke Cowie 2021.


My name is Luke Cowie, I am a digital artist, designer and photographer from Australia. Welcome to my online portfolio.

I love creating vibrant, imaginative worlds in my art and I often draw on fantasy elements like angels and mystical kingdoms as inspiration.
This website was created by me, including all the artworks, photos and the web design itself (I've been practicing coding for some time, but this is my first real attempt at web design).

Almost all of my art is made entirely using a program called Adobe Animate, previously known as Flash. I try to push the boundaries of what is possible with the program as much as I can. In the past I have created simple adventure games in Flash, as well as a range of short animated clips. I occassionally work in 3D modelling programs, as well as various video and sound editing, compositing and motion graphics programs.
In terms of style, my art may work well in a video game or a children's book.

I have recently been practicing drawing architectural elements in my designs and I think this really suits my geometric style of drawing. In particular, I like to design castles, mansions, temples, spaceships... anything magical or otherwise visually interesting.
I have many inspirations when it comes to creating my art, and two very important influences for me are surrealism and magic realism. I'm really fascinated by the dreamlike and imaginative imagery produced by the artists in these groups, and the artists that have influenced me the most from these groups are Rene Magritte, Salvador Dali, Vladimir Kush, Max Ernst and Patrick Smith.

I may end up having a blog on this website, and when I do I may start writing about all kinds of things from art to science, environmental issues, mythology and spirituality, along with personally crafted poems and stories. Stay tuned!

Feel free to browse through my art and photography in the Gallery sections, where I've included some of my best works to date.

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All animation still images displayed below are Copyright © Luke Cowie 2020.

These days I mostly make single-frame artworks, but in the past I have spent a good deal of time creating short animated films and simple Flash games.
I have included links to Youtube for the three animated films below, click on the name of the film or one of the three images to view that film.

The Monk and the Warrior

The Monk and the Warrior is a short animated film I created while studying at university. The story centres around two adventurers who seek to free their lands from the mysterious money-hungry merchants who have established a city nearby. Can the monk and the warrior find a way to free the forest from the merchants and their mischievous robots, so that their lands may return to a state of tranquillity?

A Sailor's Spirit

A Sailor's Spirit is a short animated film I created in my final year studying at university. For this film, I started out wanting to make a story about a sailor trying to get to a paradise destination but struggling desperately to survive in the stormy seas that separated him from this paradise. In the end, a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson was shown to me while I was producing this film, so I based my story and imagery around that, and included a voiceover of the poem in the film itself. Big thanks to James Parbery for helping me with the voiceover and music for this film.

Manta Sanctuary

Manta Sanctuary is a short animated film I created at university. My idea for this film was that I wanted to tell the story of a group of manta rays who live a mysterious life. In the day they can be seen frollicking in the shallows, but where do they go at night? I also created the soundtrack for this film using a number of different audio clips sourced online.


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